MENZ Issues

The Really Annoyed Strike

Sometimes, for better or worse, we take matters into our own hands. We arrive at a point where we believe the law, justice, and reason deserts us. We are afloat on a sea of irrationality and to save ourselves from drowning we pitch in with the sea.

And a no more eloquent example of such can be found than in the case of the guy in New York whom, sickened by the system which had taken his children, and then tried to take his home, decided his home was all he had left….and the ex wasn’t going to get it.

Did he petition the court? No!

Did he protest? No!

Did he attempt to further negotiate? No!

No! This man, at the end of his tether, planted a few sticks of gellignite just so, in his $9 Million dollar home, a home subject to some historical trust rules, and literally blew it up, reducing it to rubble while he was still inside.

Apparently they dug him out of the rubble and assert he has a 20% chance of living.

But, because the house was subject of this historical value crap, an intending buyer of the site and sundry rubble will have to rebuild the home exactly as it was. Of course such would be far too expensive, so nobody will bother. Thus nobody will buy the site.

Meanwhile, the ex is trying to get the court to exhume his dying remains from the hospital to have him answer for his foul defrauding of her ‘rightful’ entitlement to $9 million.

Geez, but I’ll bet this dude dies with a smile on his face. And with sundry sticks of gellignite coupled to a loss of the will to live one moment more on this injust planet, Herbert The Bomber blew the shit out of his ex’s expectations of a comfortable life without him.

It seems to me this is a strident example that the MENZ movement, worldwide, is showing signs of having had enough.

I am not, for a moment, suggesting emulation of Herbert’s solution. But I must say I do admire the man for sticking to his principals, and for allowing bits of him to be stuck to the rubble.

I’ve been laughing, on and off, all day, at the vision I have of the ex’s vexed face. :–))