MENZ Issues

The Seven Year Report.

Having been involved in what is invariably labelled the men’s movement or the Fathers rights movement since 1999, I have reached some conclusions which without this forum, (thanks JohnP), I would have difficulty sharing. These titles are a political convenience for the purpose of accusations and attacks, to antagonise political dissidence. In most cases the men I have encountered walking these corridors have done so for no reason other than the love of their children. The occasional small and allegedly potent force which rises amongst us is humoured with small successes, which serve as a self perpetuating form of propaganda.

Along the way I acquired the label “the moderate face of the men’s movement”. It is not one I either pursued of cherish, simply a consequence of my inclination to want to know why. (So Mr Zorab, spare me the indignity.) I hope of recent I have dispelled that myth – it is not a bed I wish to die in.

While in some minds it may have been a futile exercise, my participation has at least been an act of integrity, something which those who have opposed both our participation and our contribution, have no claim to, and are happy to live without.

For all the energy, behind our contributions, whether it has been protestations of various forms, submissions to government, pleas to MP’s or applications to courts, some may be content with their individual outcome, but collectively we have no claim to any progress or to having improved the welfare of children or the standard of law in our country.

In fact quite the opposite. We have given the tyrants of irrational control more power to abuse both the individual and the family. No doubt society will suffer the consequences of those tortured minds, children imprisoned in houses of political ideology.

Our piece of dirt is one of the most beautiful places in the world, but having had the opportunity to step out of our fish bowl, I can understand why so much of the world can see this, but views our society with ridicule and contempt. While we have every opportunity for success, the only excuse we will have for our failure is that we were the engineers of our own social demise.

We have become a society of mediocrity, unable to offer our children the distinction and excellence of our parents, and like many New Zealanders I can no longer be proud of our level of existence, our society or our country.

We have a government pre occupied with meddling in our domestic affairs, and the management of failure. A complacent and lazy media, content to copy and paste endless PR manipulation. Perhaps that’s why most opinion writers have descended into a fruitless occupation of satire, comedy, and twaddle, one-upmanship amongst themselves, rather than trying to engage the minds of public.

I have no great desire to feel disenfranchised in my own society, but I am absolutely dumfounded as to how I could have encountered so many people who claim the label of professional, without any consideration for the ethics and integrity of the position. Those people that control the direction of New Zealand society have descended to an absolutely laughable level of individual and collective responsibility.

Even my dog has more conscience.