MENZ Issues

To be a feminist or not?

Let’s have some fun.

Do you want to know what the feminist are doing with the tax-payers money? Hmmm… Let’s see.

Firstly, I need to point out that I have not spent tax payers money on researching this so I don’t have all the credibility (shite) to go with it although I would love to be put in the same room as them… I am only grateful to the people like Felicity who could have taken huge chunks of tax payers money if only she told the femenists what they wanted to hear. (Oh, damn, .. that’s what I could have done … but then my boys are more precious than money)

Anyhow, first they get grants to send all their women to get PhD’s (you know you are not the greatest without one of these) Then (and your spineless, greedy, manipulating feminist men) slowly by working in the social field offer or are asked by another gold digger to speak to a group of social working people. Of course you have to be in the scene so you apply for more tax payers money to listen to the speaker. For example, Bevan’s group is charging $10 a person to hear a guest speaker on the topic of suicide whereas females are charging around $200 per person.

I am hoping you have the picture of a career where the peak is … money, money, money.

Oh, by the way did I tell you that WINZ is paying for the women to start a business and that your women’s affairs government mininster is also minister for small business (thanx to John P). That might not mean much to you but did you know that this small business grant is being offered for both men and women yet it is not really attainable for men to get . Did you know that the criteria is that you cannot go into a businees that you have ever had experience in. Doesn’t that mean that if you have worked and want to do something you enjoy, then you are “Out of Luck.” Doesn’t that sound like all my male friends are mean’t to be pushed away even though they have $20,000 sitting in the bank or a possible mortgage where they could take this risk and just need a small amount of support?

So, let’s keep going. What are these women doing for a business? Now, don’t get me wrong as I know there are some very ligitimate women businesses out there but some are selling themselves. Selling their knowledge to other charitable female groups.

Are you wondering about now whether or not the control factor is coming into play? If all these women are leaving the DPB and going to work for charities and gaining funding from feminist groups then are we really assisting people or just creating puppets?

And isn’t this power and control over small business giving even more power to feminism?

I will come back when my head figures more out…..