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TV3 News deserves a boycott

AS you are all probably aware, a protest was held outside Helen Clark’s (Prime Minister of New Zealand) residence Saturday afternoon.This was well covered by local media including Prime News,TV3 (electronic media) and Sunday Star Times (print media).The protest was peaceful and, one hopes,conveyed our message far and wide.The protest was followed up by a visit to the Cenotaph in front of the museum at Auckland Domain,where several individuals addressed the general populace by virtue of megaphones. We then enjoyed a sumptuous BBQ provided courteously by Paul.We then rushed home to catch the TV coverage led by Prime who, I felt,did an adnmirable job in reporting objectively.This was followed soon after by TV3’s coverage which has me wishing I had turned off the tube and taken up sewing or knitting perhaps! Their segment was typically biased and really incensed me when they stated that children as young as 9 were present (and then cut-away to a shot of my almost 12 year old daughter) and described them as looking sad!!, (at which point she became quite annoyed and said in a more juvenile fashion “Bollox!!!!!”). To close this,I would impore readers to invoke the header i.e. give TV3 the bum’s rush and stick to TVNZ’s channel 1 coverage, (even better get the jump on the pack and watch Prime!! 🙂