MENZ Issues


I really wish we could all stop swapping spits about the minor details when the bigger picture needs so much energy.

But there’s another issue which kind’ve interests me. I see on the board tonight there have been 810 visitors to this site, yet the comments are coming from about four folk. Does that mean you four have each visited the site 202.25 times each, or are there a whole bunch of visitors who, for one reason or another are looking but not commenting.

Question: why visit and not comment?

It seems to me the plethora of folk visiting this site, apart from the stooges from you-know-where who simply check in to see who is making justifiably ugly comments about them, must have a reason to do so. It follows that unless they have some sense of what the Germans term ‘schadenfrued’ (I think I spelled it right, and it means enjoying the pain of others) why would they bother unless directly or indirectly, but specifically affected by the issues which this site is dedicated to addressing.

And so assuming Chrissy, Starr, Julie, et al, check in five times a day, then why don’t the other 760 visitors deign to make any comment?

Anyone got any thoughts on this matter?