MENZ Issues


I want/need ‘your’ story.

Please remember I am interested ONLY in dissertations filled with fact, devoid of emotion and ad hominems.

Read Julie’s story again. I say again. It’s raw power is in its lack of emotional pyrotechnics.

If we are to start making a difference we have to go at the ‘system’ with fact, not observation.

And so, I wish to create a fact-file. If you send me your story then you will do so knowing I will transmit it to all and sundry.

Just emember, by wishing to retain your privacy you will also water down the value of your input. In other words, if you have something to say, then be prepared to put your real name to it.

The CYFSterhood hide behind their annonymity and unlisted addresses and phone numbers. Not for us, people. It’s the ‘I’m accountable for my words’ time.

Let’s rock, people! There’s thousands of us. Our weight can make it happen.

Please send your story to, in Word format. Don’t forget to CC your submission to this site and anyone else you think might read it.

BTW: Who is in charge of the protest regime and how do I get onto he protest group? I’m in.