MENZ Issues

What is the otherside doing?

I am hearing too many stories from women recently telling me that they are in trouble. Now, why would that be? Afterall, they have more rights than the men.

Counsellors and the talk in childcare centres, kindergardens, schools and womens groups and centres is such; “The dad can pick you son up from school, kindy etc and you cannot do anything about it, at present”

So what are these women being told to do.

“Get hold of a lawyer and make yourself the “Custodian.”

So now we have a freak-out situation. All women MUST stop dads from being able to take the child away from the day-to-day care of the mums.

In many mum’s horror they are being pestered to say the male has been at least somewhat scary. So that orders can be put on him.

I complained about this to the FC board 2 weeks ago.

Oh, how much both mums and dads working together would make a difference. But then, what would I know?

Another point to consider is that IRD has community workers hunting down groups to discuss how women can get child support as well as getting them out to work. It’s a package afterall.