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And when his children are 52 ?

Michael Ellis was one of the giants of the struggle for children, fathers, and families. He worked tirelessly for many years and helped many fathers and children, whose lives are better for what he did. Mike also had the respect and admiration of many people in the fathers’ movement for his work and selflessness.

Mike died yesterday, March 3, near his home in Wisconsin following surgery for a brain tumor. He was 52. Mike is survived by his mother and by his two children, Stephanie, 15, and James, 14. Mike and his children had not been permitted to see one another for more than a decade. The family does not know where the children live. These children will never realize how much they were loved by the father they barely knew, nor how torn apart he was by their loss.

The funeral will be Monday, March 6 at 1:00 pm at the Christian Missionary Church Alliance, 502 21st Street, North Menomonie, Wisconsin.

Cards and communications to his family can be sent to the Ellis family at:
Box 263
Elmwood, Wisconsin 54740-0001

This message is cc’d to his address, and his family will get any replies.

Stephen Baskerville