MENZ Issues

Where is the balance?

A shared parenting bill was presented to parliament in year 2000. Many people supported the bill yet it did not get the chance to go through all channels to make a new important law.
Many people took to public areas to support the change. In fact alot of people got together to express concerns for the rights of children regarding fathers, meetings were being held everywhere to gain support and the journalists spread the word through media.

Today and back then alot of people in parliament and those who work behind the scenes in law, research departments, etc agree that the Guardianship Act and Custody Act are old and out of date to today’s society.
Fathers are not just finance earners, not to their women that want time with them nor to their chidren that rely on good loving and caring parenting from them.

However it is not on the agenda to be considered as the chipping of dog’s was. Not because it is not important but because there is no-one putting it forward. Now, there is alot of research going on regarding chidren because we have a chidren’s commision with money and there is alot of family research going on because we have a commission for families with money. Neither of these groups can find a fault with children being raised by single parents, by different ethnic groups or by rich or poor. Children grow up to be the best and the worst they can be in all environments.

On top of this we have a women’s commission that puts all womens issues forward and gathers research and makes solutions because they also have alot of government money available to them.

What we don’t have is a Men’s commission. We have no government money being used to research males issues or finding a way to help males in health, schools, to be fathers or just to be male.

An unusual yet not suprising comment I got the other day was, “We will never work out what women want because women themselves don’t know what they want.” (Credibility definately on this comment) Where has the world gone wrong? You cannot give people what they want because they have to earn that but you give people what they need. That is a lesson all will learn and as parents we know that.

What is it that we need? We need the basics for survival and after that we need balance. Balance in our own lives and balance in our society. We need balance of dads input to balance of mums imput, we need balance in relationships and we need balance in law. Every other thing we need as human beings come from balance. Balance to care for youself and balance to care for others. Balance to physical, emotional and spiritual needs. All necessary.

You males must have equal rights as women have else I and you are off balance in our lives. My sons need balance between the females they grow up with. Women are born to be foxes and we are so good at manipulation. But giving into our manipulation is destroying us because there is no balance. We are becoming our worst enemy and society is giving us what we want instead of what we need. We think we are doing the right thing yet because males don’t have the same rights we win. Then we think that was justice because we won in other’s eyes (law etc) but it is not till we have learn’t by our mistakes that we realise we were wrong.

Males are suffering because of the lack of balance in their lives form the outside influences. It is OK to say that we all have lessons in life and that is how we grow to be better people but when our whole society and the whole world is off balance no one is a winner.

Not even the greatest of survivors.