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Youth stabbed to death in fight

I wrote a post only 3 days ago of my fear of these young boys who are not in gangs carrying knives to protect themselves.

Violence and our teens

Well, 2 days later and we have a death and hospitilazion right outside one of the highest graded high schools in West Auckland and out side a church of people.

Youth stabbed to death in fight
UPDATED 9.40am Monday October 23, 2006

A 14-year-old Avondale college student (boy) was stabbed to death and another injured during an attack outside Avondale College last night.

Police said the incident was a random act of violence and the pair got into a fight with a group driving past.

“He was a jokester, no way he would look for trouble, he was too young” the youth said.

He said his brother was standing outside the school gates waiting for a friend to come back from a nearby dairy with a pie when he was attacked by a group of youths.

Pleae read the rest of the article. It is too heartbreaking for me to explain it all.