MENZ Issues

CYFSWATCH refuse to be bullied by NZ Government.

This is getting interesting, i have only posted the first part of the blog entry.
If u want to read the rest them follow the link below

As posted on CYFSWATCH

CYFSWATCH are aware of the strenuous efforts that the Ministry of Social Development and the New Zealand Government are making in order to shut down the CYFSWATCH site.

Unfortunately, the powers that be have been able to put sufficient pressure on Google to start deleting posts to CYFSWATCH, without Google first informing CYFSWATCH of what issues they may or may not have with particular posts.

CYFSWATCH can not and will not accept such a gross abuse of free speech, sanctioned by the New Zealand Government, and will continue to post deleted posts until prevented from doing so.

In the event that the CYFSWATCH site is shut down, we will simply move to another site, and advise everyone who has emailed us of the new site address.

Last time we looked, this was still a free country.