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DIY – check it out

A NZ site called DIY Father launched today in Wellington has already had more publicity in the last few days than the MENZ site has in its entire 10 year existence! Messages from the Children’s Commissioner Cindy Kiro and the Police National Family Violence Co-ordinator Ged Byers demonstrates that the founders have friends in high places indeed! They write that the site was started by:

dads Scott Lancaster, Eric Mooij and Stefan Korn who recognised the need for a dedicated website for fathers. Based on their own experiences of struggling to find useful parenting related information from a male perspective they created

Watch the video of Scott Lancaster being interviewed by Pippa Wetzell on TV1’s Breakfast show here.

They have certainly done an impressive amount of work so far with blog postings every few minutes far into the night; will they be able to sustain this magnificent effort? It will be interesting to see what happens when babies Pyper and Noah start teething – then we’ll find out whether they really are superdad material!

Anything out there promoting positive messages about fathering is great, as far as I’m concerned. I wish them all the best.