MENZ Issues

Fatherhood and BULLSHIT.

The dictionary describes fatherhood as:
to act as a father to somebody, especially giving advice, comfort, and protection.

The Family court describes it as:
all the above unless Mother doesn’t want it, then just give us your wallet.

For the last four and a half years I have held on to the belief that the Justice system would have within its fold some wisdom. Wisdom is the love of truth and knowledge. Our system has little of that. Did you know that there has been no study to understand the effects on a father of false sexual abuse on his children by the mother? Wouldn’t you think that understanding these effects might give Judges some wisdom in dealing with the aftermath? Judges tend to think that fathers are bullet proof and that he should be able to handle any crap sent his way. If a Father raped the Mother of their child you can imagine and understand the reaction of the Judge. He would be sympathetic of her fear of him and realise that a normal trusting relationship would be difficult. He certainly would not accuse her of “not working with him and always being mistrustful of his actions” and then stating “therefore you are not suitable for co-parenting so fuck off” (abreviated)

Take it from me, the family court is a joke and treat it with respect at your own peril.

Here is a summary of what I have learnt over 4.5 years

1. Society does not want fathers to be hands on. Just financial providers.

2. Women want men to be sensitive but just sensitive to their needs.

3. Judges believe that men are the instigators of violence until they prove
themselves innocent beyond reasonable doubt.

4. Judges interpret a women lies as “unfortunate”

5. Legal Aid Services are an agency to help women to destroy men.
They break their own rules in order to aid a woman in “distress”

6. The Police are political when it comes to applying law in Male Vs Female. Misandry rules.

7. The courts are administered in a dubious way in which a Judge can have
transcripts altered or even deleted to stop any enquiry into the way they
conduct a case.

8. A Man’s Human and Civil Rights are only as good as the integrity of the woman he
has a relationship with.

9. Becoming a father is the worst mistake a man can make in this society.
If I had sons I would have them all sterilised.