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Fathers and suicide

The BBC reported that “A Romanian man sets himself on fire in Bucharest in a desperate bid to get custody of his son who is living in Spain.”

They showed a picture here.

Unfortunety it doesn’t give us any more information. “Get custody” may in reality mean; to have a meaningful relationship.? The average wage in Romania is 130 euros a month. A flight from Bucharest to Madrid on a budget airline is 342 euros. That does not include accommodation, food, transport,etc. Ask yourself: How many times will this father be able to see his child – if ever?

Many NZ men will know how he feels. In New Zealand 4 men of child rearing age die every week. In 2004 207 males between the ages of 25 and 55 killed themselves. This was actually a reduction from previous years. But don’t expect any media or public persona to be concerned about it.

many of you will be aware of Dr Viv Roberts research in the area which shows the links between the so called Family Court’s decisions and the male suicide rate. He has even shown the link between regional male suicides to particularly biased judge’s court rooms.

About 5+ years ago Jim Anderton as leader of the Alliance was on the same flight as me. I knew his daughter comitted suicide so I wondered if this guy was aware of some of the leading causes of suicide in New Zealand. When we went to collected our bags I asked him what is views on shared parenting were. He had no idea what I was talking about. I explained. He obviously still had no clue about the issues and thought the laws were just fine.

I think that was the point I realised just how backward a country New Zealand has become.