MENZ Issues

Flyers to be distributed around Universities

In July a post was written on menz ‘utilising-our-resources‘ where an opportunity arose to fulfil an idea of taking men’s issues outside of the Internet and outside of Waitakere. (for me)

But this is a different area to pursue because now it is going to the younger male generation and providing them with not just information but a journey. One which I hope will benefit their lives and benefit the rights of men as human beings in New Zealand. And one which most likely will find many new readers here and on other sites.

From Monday 27th to Friday 31st August myself, a couple of friends and Jim Bagnall will be handing out 2000 of these flyers to 5 universities in the Auckland region.

Thanks to Rob Case and Saeed for the financial donations and to Paul Robertson for the design of the flyers and to Ken Maclaren for the printing.

You will find the flyer here and you can print some yourself for others if you wish. In fact it will be great to see them being used.

This is a promotion for MTGOW also. “Shock Horror”, some may think. “Julie has finally come around”. I will use this opportunity to say that I am promoting this because it is not about me. It is about the young men who we hope to save.


Thanx also to Angry Harry’s website and words of wisdom (and for allowing us to use it as written) and one of Mikeray’s comments on menz.