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Issues with the Child Support Act 1991

This was a list of issues with the child support tabled with David Cunlifee, the Minister Responsible for child Support in 2004 on the steps of Parliament.

I would like to seek suggestions for further issues to pass onto Peter Dunne.

Please keep them concise.

Men on the Move for
Child Support Reform

1. A “one size fits all” formula assessment.

2. The objects of the Child Support Act 1991 focus on “benefit recovery” and not the best interest of children.

3. The formula assessment is based on gross (before tax) income.

4. Voluntary agreements can be replaced by a formula assessment at any time.

5. No account is taken of Student Loan commitments when calculating the formula.

6. The living allowance of the formula assessment takes no account of the cost of access for liable parents.

7. The departure order process is fundamentally flawed, with Administrative Review Officers and Judges trapped in a system that is locked in a set of precedents from the early 1990’s.

8. There is no accountability that the money collected actually goes to support children.

9. Administration and application of the Child Support Act by Inland Revenue favours the custodial parent at the expense of the paying parent and child.

10. The living allowance takes no account of any extra necessary payments made by the paying parent.

11. Ability of the Commissioner to create a Child Support income that defies Standard Accounting Principles to inflate paying parents income to unrealistically high levels that do not reflect the real income of the parent.

12. A reciprocal agreement with Australia that subjects New Zealand Parents to Australian Legal process and Law.

13. A ballooning debt crises that points to a fundamental failure if the “simple formula” ” approach of the Child Support Act 1991