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Judith Collins at it again.

Judge Judy is at it again and shes more determined than ever to make IRD the judge, jury and executioner who can arrest you at the border.

Like a pit-bull in need of a muzzle, Judge Judy has maintained the same position for years. Its not something new to see a National MP wanting legislation that further removes your rights a a separated parent. Look at their pathetic track record – what have they done to seek to achieve real reform of the matrix of Family Law. Lets list a couple for those with short memories
The Child Support Act 1991, The Domestic Violence Act ….. Yeah they are a really pro shared parenting party , Yeah right!

Collins wants to draw up a discussion paper including the idea of making avoiding child support an arrestable offence. “People can be arrested for non-payment of fines and this is something clearly far more serious. They issue arrest warrants for fine defaulters but if someone pays nothing for their child we seem totally incapable (of stopping them skipping the country)”.

see here

Surface analysis of this debt produces calls for IRD, a government department, to be granted draconian powers to resolve the problem. The overseas experience of similar “percentage of gross income methods” shows huge debt problems and draconian measures have failed to significantly increase recovery.

I can understand people’s anger at kiwi parents who they perceive owe huge amounts of money and run off overseas ,but before you condemn them to arrest at the airport on the word of an IRD staffer ,please understand that the root cause of the debt is the structure of the child support act. Worldwide there is a child support debt problem in New Zealand over of half of the assessed liable parents are in debt.

When a system produces an output that places over half of those assessed to pay into debt the problem is systemic.

Despite numerous attempts at tinkering with the legislation to fix it never working, has any politician sought to address the root cause of the debt crises?

No, they would rather paint parents as deadbeats and give IRD draconian power so they can look good in the media. Then they wonder why parents turn up in protest outside their doors!

Non violent direct action starting small and building up, lets force a real debate onto the election agenda.

Quite a few of these politicians and officials need reminding of what they have allowed to happen. Looks like its time for some serious reminding to begin.



P.S. IRD can already apply to the court for an arrest warrant for non payment and have had them granted, but that has to come before a FC Judge. What they want is detention by tax offical!