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Judy Turner caring for the community groups

This is a quoted newsletter below and if you are in the Wellington area, I hope you get to make it. For 20 years that I know of people in the community have been speaking up to deaf ears and being blackmailed by Government and Policies and the Media and the Businesses that pay out funding but are too afraid to go against the mainstream feminists ideology.

MP Judy Turner’s newsletter. (Gosh this lady is onto it)

I’ve never been much of a ‘blogger’ which is probably due to my age and my aversion to addictive behaviour; however since UnitedFuture set up blogging capabilities on our website I confess to becoming increasingly hooked on checking to see who is making comment.

My next challenge is to embrace the art of uploading video comments. I’ve seen some really boring ones on other people’s websites and have figured that shorter is better when it comes to this approach of communication.

Communication, once an art is now a science. In politics we constantly have to check the language we use to ensure that we don’t inadvertently send the wrong message.

This weekend is UnitedFuture’s Annual Conference here in Wellington. Our theme has been carefully thought through to ensure that we clearly communicate what causes we are committed to.

Supporting Those Who Support Others‘ is a conference focused on our strong belief that a healthy society depends not just on its political and economic structures but also on the community resources that care at a personal level. We believe that there needs to be a greater sense of partnership between government and the community and voluntary sector.

The current state of this relationship is not positive. Contestable funding, onerous application mechanisms, short-term contracts, audit fatigue and a lack of regional collaboration sees money wasted and the safety net that should characterise local communities compromised.

UnitedFuture at this conference wants to demonstrate both a listening ear and responsiveness to these challenges. Regardless of who is government after the next election, we want to be part of that mix to ensure that the voice of this sector is well represented in parliament.