MENZ Issues

More misleading advertising from the abuse industry

I usually watch very little television, (and then, mainly foreign channels like Aljazeera and NASA), but I am on holiday at present and last night I watched a film on Channel Three.

I was very disturbed by a new advertisement from the abuse industry.

A woman was shown listening to a sports commentary (almost certainly of a rugby test) with great interest, and she became quite disturbed when New Zealand lost in the dying moments of the game.

This was followed by the following (or a very similar) caption: “When his team is beaten, so is she”.

I understand that the claim that major sporting events are accompanied by a rise in domestic violence against women has long been discredited.

I also understand that there probably is a rise in domestic violence against men, who are beaten by their partners for over-celebrating and not meeting their curfews.

If you see any similar advertising, please document it for the basis of a possible complaint, sooner rather than later, before too much damage is done.