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More Superbowl Myth

My email today to National Radio’s Nine to Noon is self-explanatory. I may make a complaint to the Broadcasting Standards organisation if the station does not correct the misinformation it has broadcast.

Hello Nine to Noon

Good on you for airing the challenge to t-shirts that appear to promote violence against women.

The woman who made the complaint referred to the notion that domestic violence against women increased after the All Blacks’ World Cup loss. There is no
basis in fact for this myth that appears to have been spread by Women’s Refuge after publicity was given to their claim that “We have heard from police
that there was an increase…” (see

Some checking of facts showed there was no average increase in police call outs for domestic violence after the game. Note that Women’s Refuge did not
make any claim that there had been any increase in their own referrals after the game.

The link between domestic violence and sports losses is a feminist myth started in relation to the US Superbowl final in 1993. Although the claim was
quickly investigated and shown to be unfounded, the myth has persisted and is now still perpetuated by people who should know better.

I look forward to your station doing the responsible thing and clarifying for your listeners the misinformation provided innocently by your interviewee.

I also look forward to your future exposes of the many products and advertisements now showing demeaning and hate-promoting messages against men.