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New Polls Tell MGTOW a Fact

Dateline: USA
By: Timocrat
From: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

New stats out of the US tell of the clear effect of feminism on marriage. This combined with other stats, like those out of the UK and other western nations, show that men don’t want to get married. Last year for the first time in the US more women were not married than married 51%. In the feminist hated 1950s the average number of single woman was 35%, and since this time has steadily dropped to the present 51%. The mainstream media continues to interview woman of the reasons, and the excuses are endless. On the ABC news (US) program men weren’t even asked why this was so, matching gradualism agenda perfectly. By removing them from this story the MSM can make this still a woman’s issue still now.

Also even more telling are the numbers for African-American women who are not married, which now is a whopping 70%!! Ophra Winphrey can take some credit for this indeed. She should be opening a school in Africa called, “ The school for teaching girls how not to get married.” The KKK wanted to lessen the African-America population grow, but had no effect. Instead it has been leaders, like the likes of Ophra Winphry, that have set the population of African —Americans to now being less than the Hispanic population. Billy Cosby is right to be taking shots at such leadership.

These stats must include gay marriages to, for it wouldn’t be PC to exclude them now, would it? So the real numbers of traditional male/female marriages are even less! I guess this explains so many governments finding so many ways to connect any man to any woman for child support.

Some examples of the present discourse: Never had sex with this woman to be the father? Tough. Never met this woman, let alone had sex with her? Tough. You are too young to have had been the father, never met the woman, let alone had sex with her? Tough.

If a woman says you are the father (and all the above cases are increasing by the year) that is good enough for the state, and you must pay up or they will put you in jail. Can’t pay, while you are in jail? Well that’s no excuse for the state will take you passport, garnish your wages and not fund any services for men (at least no where near the numbers as woman). Unless something is done the states of the West will fall, for other poorer nations are the ones suffering from over population, not western nations.

When the full weight of the baby boomers comes into play the state will make its play for hidden taxes matching that in excess of Sweden’s one time 74%. Or instead of facing their mistakes will open up the boarders to immigrants from any nation, which will have ramifications as unseen as the last batch of ones that cause the mess we are in at present have done. Men must stand up.