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No smacking Bill – what’s really going on?

The velvet underground-Labour’s quiet revolutionaries

It used to be said the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Now, people whose hands have never been near a cradle are deciding what’s best for children, and the country.

Margaret Shields says, “We began to reorganise the Women’s Section of the Party so that it became an agent for change; through organising, training and encouraging women to take a larger, more strategic role in politics”

She says things are not done by accident. John Tamihere agrees saying that these people think in timeframes of 10 to 15 years. They don’t have families so they plot because they have nothing better to do.

Feminist and Communist Kay Goodger attended the first-ever feminist United Women’s Convention as well as Helen Clark, Margaret Wilson, Marilyn Waring and Silvia Cartwright along with nearly 2 thousand other women.

From this convention came the attack on the traditional family. It was concluded if they could crush the family, break it down or have it sidelined as irrelevant or portrayed as no better than other methods of child rearing, radical feminism could set the agenda for centuries to come.

Goodger’s 1973 plan was to make a utopian future for “Amazonian” reflecting what she believed was once a reality.

Family power is a real threat to radical feminism. It has been the plan of radical feminists to use anything in its power to destroy this power. Goodger called on the radical feminists to do all they could within political parties, government departments and communities. Everyone backing the bill for “No smacking” is most likely a part of this radical movement.

Goodger back in 1973 knew that if women could work and children were raised in childcare the family would suffer a body blow. Radical feminists following this woman are intending to have Government funded 24 hour a day childcare. As of 1st July we will have 20 hours free a week with women already separated from the family structure being forced to work else they will lose their benefits. The single mothers.

This was the 30 year plan the sisterhood made from their list of demands.

Abortion to be free and on demand DONE
Sex education/Birth control at all levels DONE
An end to coercive family laws DONE
De facto relationships to have same status as marriage DONE
The rearing and education should be from society not parents DONE
Discrimination of homosexuals outlawed DONE
Abolish laws victimising prostitutes DONE
Paid maternity of 12 weeks without loss of seniority or job DONE

Free Government paid 24 hours a day child care for all children from infancy

The only one left to go and Helen Clarke said she would go full steam ahead on this from the last election. So, is it over after this. No way.

From here on the Old School feminists are going after the young girls through an education system they have hold on. These old school feminists have been upset for a while that the younger women do not appreciate their fight and what has been done for them. A new batch is constantly being manipulated. There is a whole network and politicking going on behind the scenes.

However you look at it radical feminists are only swapping the patriarchy for the matriarchy. From one extreme to the other. Still there is no balance and there never shall be under their control. Don’t think for one minute that many millions of women and men are aware of this.

This movement is very cleverly dictated.

Reference: Investigate Magazine, May 2005, page 39.

Kay Goodger is now a senior Government advisor on policy initiatives earning hundreds of dollars an hour in pay, still mixing with Marxist organisations in Europe and is mentioned in dispatches on the website of the Portuguese Communist Party as recently as 4 years ago.

Margaret Sheilds is a former Minister of Customs and organised the 2005 conference for women.

Helen Clark is New Zealand’s Prime Minister.

Margaret Wilson first entered Parliament on the Labour Party list in 1999 and gained a Ministerial post immediately after her election. Her Ministerial positions included Attorney-General, Minister of Labour, Minister responsible for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations and Minister of Commerce. She was elected the first woman Speaker of New Zealand’s House of Representatives in March 2005 and was re-elected Speaker in November, 2005

Marilyn Waring is Ruth Richardson’s replacement on the board of directors of the Reserve Bank.

Silvia Cartwright became the 18th governor general of New Zealand. She also became the first female high court judge.