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Paternity Fraud an Update from the USA

I recommend that you read this 4 page article its enlightening as to how paternity fraud (aka mis attributed paternity) reeks havoc for men.

Bert Riddick has spent 13 years paying for a girl he didn’t father. He hopes that recent changes in the law will finally provide restitution.
By Denise Nix
Staff Writer

After 13 years of paying child support for a girl he did not father, Bert Riddick finally sees an end to an ordeal that nearly tore his life apart.

Now that a second DNA test has determined there is no chance he is the father of the now-18-year-old girl, Riddick is again asking the court to dismiss the paternity case against him.

Just a reminder for all of you who have forgotten Gordon Dowler’s case.

Its only been 2 years and still the mother is the gate-keeper, IRD is obstructive to fathers who may be experiencing paternity fraud and nothing has changed!