MENZ Issues

The Femugabi Regime.

With the Electoral Finance Bill, being dumped on parliament amid the flailing clutches at power by a desperate feminist regime, we have some solid objection from the electorate. The injustice they say. What hasn’t been realised in the past, by many people, is the reality of what has been happening in the Family Court and the Child Support Agency. Finally this behaviour has emerged from its black administrative holes into parliament and dare I say it, the high court and the judiciary. It is now there for people to see, and experience, and to demonstrate the authenticity of our protests.
We didn’t enjoy this game in secret any more than the electorate will enjoy it in public. We all have a sense of Justice and fair play, and when these democratic deviants have finished engineering their own defeat, justice will be done, and the femugabi regime will be dunne and out too.