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What is Good for the Gander Isn’t good for the Goose, Yet Again

Dateline: Australia
Placed: Ross Mitchell
From: via Dads On Air Australia

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

Ross Mitchell: Seeing as this is Queensland, one must ask why Ms. Hagerty is not terminally incarcerated until the children are returned, as a father (who was alleged to have removed his children from Australia) was-and still is.

AUSTRALIAN: Federal Police are searching for two Queensland children at the centre of a bitter custody battle.

Officers yesterday searched several homes in a bid to find Jaz Olivia Haggarty, 13, and Rocco Alexander Haggarty, 10. It is the second time the children have gone missing, sparking a police search, since their father was granted custody.

They first disappeared from Walloon, west of Ipswich, in January 2006 while on a supervised visit with their mother, 40-year-old Wendy Ann Major. Ms Major sparked a nationwide search for the children when she reported them missing, and appeared in the media asking the public for help.

It is now believed the children were with friends and relatives for more than nine months while police investigated the disappearance. Desperate father Peter Haggarty, 44, searched for the children for almost a year, and applied for a Recovery Order through the Brisbane Family Court.

It is alleged they were found in November, at a home in Toowoomba and had not been attending school since their disappearance. They had been moved around various homes in the Inglewood, Toowoomba and Sunshine Coast areas.

On Friday, Mr. Haggarty thought he would finally be reunited with his children after applying to have them returned through Brisbane Family Court. But the children disappeared again, while waiting to be returned to him. A source, who didn’t want to be named, said: “Peter has been to hell and this just keeps going,”

“He’s a good and loving father who hasn’t done anything wrong. He wants his kids back at home so please come forward if you have any information.”

Two of Ms Major’s brothers have joined Mr Haggarty and police in the search for the children. A federal police spokeswoman said state police were also involved in the search. “The AFP and state police are trying to recover the children,” the spokeswoman said.