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Archive of February 2008

Worm-Man Dunne speaks on Child Support

Fri 29th February 2008:

Peter, the worm- man, Dunne is at it agaian. He probably even believes what his Child Support gestapo are telling him. Media statement For immediate release Thursday, 28 February 2008 Worm-Man Dunne speaks on Child Support Revenue: Minister Peter Dunne is welcoming initial figures that suggest the Government’s newly-implemented measures to ensure liable parents meet […]

Hans Laven launches his campaign for Tauranga

Thu 28th February 2008:

Hans Laven launches his campaign for Tauranga this weekend. “At a time when children more than ever need the strength and authority that fathers can provide, the Clark government continues to promote a culture that blames and undermines men. It continues to preside over a Family Court that destroys parental goodwill and cooperation.” full release […]

Why girls can’t have it all

I remember last year talking to a female journalist over the phone about a story she wanted to do on single parents. At the time I was new to understanding what feminism was about and how fathers were being affected by it. She told me that she had been part of a documentary team who […]

Correspondence with Kiro’s Office

FYI, here is some correspondence I have had with the Children’s Commission. I have had no further reply, and it is reasonable to conclude that Ms Kiro has made a claim about research that she cannot back up with evidence. 13/02/08 Dear Ms Kiro Re: Your comments in Dominion Post Article “Keeping Our Children Safe”, […]

Children’s commissioner attacks good parents.

Wed 27th February 2008:

There is a saying that those in glass houses should not throw stones. But feminist leaders do not seem to understand that the majority of people are working class people. It seems that we are uneducated. Pathetic losers unable to care for our children. And not just the most of us as parents but our […]

Our children and abuse

Tue 26th February 2008:

We hear of all the good things that our school system is doing through research released by the Ministry of Education from our Labour Party. We hear about all the good things that NZ is doing to protect our children from abuse. We hear how our children need rights and that they should be free […]

Child Support

Sat 23rd February 2008:

Hi there, I have some issues around Child Support and wanted to know if there was anyone out there who could offer me some advice. I have an shared care agreement with my ex 50/50 but are getting stung quite heavily on Child support payments by IRD. I earn considerably more than my ex but […]

Are men smarter than women?

I think the first thing you need to ask is what is the meaning of smart? Smart means ‘intelligent’. Intelligent means ‘the power of reasoning and understanding objectively’. I suppose some would know the answer to this instantly. But that would stop my article so I will continue on. Who represents women these days and […]

Silly Sue still at it.

Tue 19th February 2008:

Extract from Green Party Press Release – Wellington tonight. Green MP to speak at S59 book launch tonight Green Party Spokesperson for Children’s Issues, Sue Bradford, will speak tonight at the launch of the book ‘Unreasonable Force’, a history of the campaign to end legalised physical punishment of children in New Zealand. The launch takes […]

Auckland Father and Child Trust meeting

Mon 18th February 2008:

Auckland Father and Child Trust – Inaugural Meeting is on Monday 25th, 7-9pm at the Onehunga Community House, 83 Selwyn St Onehunga, Auckland All interested fathers/people welcome, partly to encourage dads who want company, would like to join our volunteer committee, or would like a free magazine…! Our ‘ceo’ Harald Breiding-Buss will be up here, […]

New Zealands Stolen Generation

Fri 8th February 2008:

Republicans Napier Candidate Karl Brett takes issue with the New Zealand State, who through cyps and the family court have created New Zealands stolen generation Will this Labour Government apologise to the thousands of children whose lives have been damaged by the failed experiment called the New Zealand family court, asks Napier Candidate Karl Brett. […]

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