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Archive of April 2008

Finally… but can I win?

Wed 30th April 2008:

I am a week away from what will hopefully be the conclusion of a 5 year process for shared care of my children. Due to the time it has taken to get this far two of my four children are now over 16 and have lost the extra time they could have spent with me […]

Boys and education

Mon 28th April 2008:

As a mother and as a woman who has had the privilege to live in the great time of feminist rulership I thought that since feminism was about equality my concerns for our sons would have been accepted, which they have been; and work would be done to give our sons fair treatment, which unfortunately […]

Open Letter to the Public

Thu 24th April 2008:

I wanted the local newspaper to publish the following letter. I was hoping that some of the public in the small town we live in would come forward for the sake of X (child), but unfortunately the newspaper would not publish; their excuse, the public would have trouble understanding the letter. Open Letter to the […]

Gay pride bans mum and dad in classroom

Wed 23rd April 2008:

Daily Telegraph (Australia) April 17, 2008 Teachers are being urged to stop using terms such as husband and wife when addressing students or families under a major anti-homophobia push in schools. The terms boyfriend, girlfriend and spouse are also on the banned list – to be replaced by the generic “partner” – in changes sought […]

Anti-Smacking Law Tragic Failure as Child Abuse Death Rate Continues

Tue 22nd April 2008:

Family First NZ says that the announcement of the death of three-year-old Auckland toddler Dylan Rimoni being treated as a homicide means that the rate of child abuse deaths has continued at the same rate as before the flawed anti-smacking law. “While good families are being investigated and thrown under suspicion because of the extremist […]

Brain-washed Kids, Crazy Exes, and FC.

I am 35yrs old ive seen alot in my time booze,drugs,gangs etc. I’d crossed paths with some of the most notorious gang members and the most hardened criminals done some things im ashamed to admit but i faced those demons and turned my life around i met my husband 6yrs ago had 2 more children […]

Women have a law unto their own which the Family Court supports!

Mon 21st April 2008:

Judge Boshier stated in his presentation in Washington DC at the Capitol Hilton on June 1 2007: …. It is a criminal offence to take a child from New Zealand knowing that there is an order giving day-to-day care or contact to another person, or knowing proceedings are pending or about to be commenced in […]

Academics and Lawyers attack changes to Aussie Child Support System

Sun 20th April 2008:

Divorced from wealth – The Sydney Morning Herald – 19 April 2008. The attack on the Australian Child Support changes continues: “For the next generation of single women, it is about to get worse. Lawyers and social researchers believe changes to the child support scheme which come into force midyear will leave about 60 per […]

Inviting Media to Report on Family Court Cases

Fri 18th April 2008:

Just looking on Google news, searching for “Family Court” and all I can find, is regarding the parental tests that was announced last month, and a thing on a family of 15 living in the bush. Has anyone tried to invite the media to their Family Court hearing?  What would be the process of doing […]

Avoid Relationship Services

Thu 17th April 2008:

I issue a general warning to avoid Relationship Services. I had an unpleasant experience with a fat feminasty counsellor there who would or could not answer clearly my questions about the circumstances in which she would breach confidentiality. She then accused me of being a controlling male abuser (although no assessment or information about me […]

Advocate asks Govt to register ‘wife-bashers’

Tue 15th April 2008:

Auckland’s domestic violence victim support agency wants a national register of the most violent offenders to be set up so new partners can be warned about dangerous men. Preventing Violence in the Home director Jane Drumm told a child abuse conference in Manukau yesterday that the safety of women and children should override the privacy […]

Bank of NZ “Get Organized” Campaign

My letter today to the “Get Organized” Campaign. I will direct the letter to all of the sponsors of this campaign. “While I congratulate your efforts to reduce domestic violence, I note that your information entitled “The Numbers” is biased and sexist. You give information about how many women are killed by their (ex) partners […]

Prostitution in the PC (politically conformist) era

Mon 14th April 2008:

FYI, my other email today: Dear Morning Report Team Your article this morning entitled “Campaign to Legalize Prostitution in the UK” was disappointing. The interviewer blithely accepted everything the interviewees claimed and treated an important issue as if covering a light-hearted school play. When interviewee “Shirley” referred to a Nevada brothel she had visited as […]

Cervical Cancer Immunization

FYI, my email today to the Auckland Women’s Health Council: Dear Auckland Women’s Health Council Your representative Linda Williams stated today in an interview on “Nine to Noon”, National Radio, that it would be “sexist” to immunize only girls against cervical cancer and that if girls were to be immunized then so should boys because […]

ALAC Advertisements Are Sexist

Wed 9th April 2008:

FYI, my email to ALAC today. I also sent an email to National Radio expressing disappointment that in its interviews about all kinds of aspects of these ads, nothing was said about their glaring sexism. Dear ALAC, I am not bothered by the shocking nature of your latest television advertisements, and I commend your aims. […]

“Status Quo”

Tue 8th April 2008:

In 19th-century diplomatic Latin, the original sentence was in statu quo res erant ante bellum “in the state in which things were before the war”. This gave rise to the shorter form status quo ante bellum “the state in which (it was) before the war”, indicating the withdrawal of enemy troops and restoration of power […]

Govt seeks to improve child support provisions

Media statement For immediate release Tuesday, 8 April 2008 The government is looking at ways of improving the child support scheme to make it more responsive to factors such as the complexities of shared care, the income levels of both parents and the costs of raising children, Revenue Minister Peter Dunne said today. “These are […]

Covert Sexism

Sun 6th April 2008:

FYI, below is my email to National Radio this morning regarding articles on Sunday morning news broadcasts covering the huge coolstore explosion and fire in Hamilton. I note that the Herald’s article on the web made it clear that all the injured were men and even repeatedly used the term “firemen”, but the Waikato Times […]

Greens Get Gender Wobbles

Fri 4th April 2008:

1 Co-leader and MP Jeanette Fitzsimons 2 Co-leader Russel Norman 3 MP Sue Bradford 4 MP Metira Turei 5 MP Sue Kedgley 6 MP Keith Locke From Sturff

Male Victims Don’t Matter

An interesting article on National Radio’s “Nine to Noon” today about dangers to tourists in Thailand. (The article will be available on internet for a week, but I have a copy if anyone is interested after that.) Following the murder of a Swedish woman on a beach in Phuket, the Thai Tourism Ministry is giving […]

Age Old Issues

Thu 3rd April 2008:

Her…What did you say Dear, Winston’s going Grey? Him…No dear, I said he is in a state of slow decay! Her….Oh goodness gracious me. Him…Oh, do pay attention Dear, So I don’t have to repeat everything I say. Her…Did I hear you right Dear, Something about an erection coming up? Him…No dear, I said we […]

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