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Archive of July 2008

Gary McKormick on Child Support and Men’s Issues

Thu 31st July 2008:

National Radio the Panel today Gary makes some intersting points in relation to Child Support and speaks of men he knows who could not afford to pay child support who have left the country. Regards Scrap

Ditch jumping kiwis


Non-resident Father’s Perspectives on Paying

Tue 29th July 2008:

“It’s not just about the money”: non-resident father’s perspectives on paying [109 KB PDF] Key words: child support, fatherhood, non-residential fathers, meaning of money Abstract We examine fathers perceptions of paying child support using in-depth interviews with 26 separated or divorced non-residential fathers in Australia.While the majority of fathers agree that continued financial support of […]

NZ Republicans Burn Protection Orders

Mon 28th July 2008:

Strong storm warnings of a strong storm scared off fair weather friends, but the protection-order burning ceremony was still a splendid affair in Hamilton on Saturday.  (Copies of) protection orders were burnt, words of great wisdom spoken and those Hamilton shoppers who braved the weather were shaken out of their complacency to be thoroughly edified […]

A letter to Hon. Ruth Dyson

I’m the producer of a documentary currently being made about the Child Support Act (CSA). Hand in hand with that are the troubles with the Family Court (FC), which have driven a lot of families apart. The documentary is called “The CSA Files” and you can visit for more information. This email serves as […]

Fatherless Children

Fri 25th July 2008:

When the government sees fit to surgically remove the father from the family culture do they realize they are in fact turning a nuclear family into a nuclear weapon? A study done in Massey University in 1996 found the following horrific facts: Fatherless Kids are: 5 times more likely to commit suicide 32 times more […]

Parenting Pack for New Fathers

Wed 23rd July 2008:

As reported in a Press article on Monday: New daddies get a helping hand, a special edition of the Father & Child magazine will be given to new fathers in Christchurch, Wellington and Dunedin [and Auckland – JohnP] hospitals as part of a birth pack for parents. Christchurch father Donald Pettit told the Press: “This […]

Women-only scholarships discriminate against men

Tue 22nd July 2008:

Last weekend’s Sunday Star Times reported that Victoria University Institute of Policy Studies senior researcher Dr Paul Callister has asked the Human Rights Commission if women-only scholarships breach human rights laws: Women-only scholarships under spotlight “Historically, women-only scholarships were justified, but now they aren’t disadvantaged in education. My view is these scholarships are discriminatory now […]

Stand Up For Real Justice

Sun 20th July 2008:

I heard that the NZ Republicans are carrying out a demonstration next Saturday 26 July where they will publicly burn copies of protection orders to highlight the injustice inherent in our Domestic Violence Legislation. This legislation causes men to lose normal rights, and children to lose contact with their fathers, on the basis of uncorroborated, […]

Michelle Richards

Wed 16th July 2008:

Michelle Richards was in the news again recently when she was recalled to prison after being granted parole this year on a life sentence for her part in the murder of her partner. After her partner had written her into his will, she convinced her 18-year-old lover to kill him by stabbing him while he […]

Sexist ALAC Advertisements

FYI, here is my complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority. The three advertisements from the same advertiser came as a package and have all been shown in turn and repeatedly over the same significant time period. They portray men and only men causing violence and injury to others through drinking alcohol excessively, while they portray […]

Always DV Propaganda

Sun 13th July 2008:

Two articles and an editorial in the Bay of Penty Times yesterday generally continued our media’s penchant for male-bashing. Only the front-page lead article was available on the web. To their credit, interviewees from Relationship Services avoided gender-specific formulations and referred to couples arguing and hitting each other, and the police interviewee said they were […]

NZ Studies identify father absence as factor in youth suicide

NZ Government funded research has identified total loss of father contact as being a common factor in suicides of youths, who have applied for Independant Youth Benefit. (This does not prove that it is causal, this is more difficult to prove.) The same researcher asks people to be willing to look at all research and […]

The CSA Files

Fri 11th July 2008:

For those who don’t yet know, I am putting together a feature length Documentary on Child Support called “The CSA Files”. I have got a lot of feed back for this doco and a lot of keen people wanting to help and share their stories. For a run down and updates on this doco visit […]

Update on Prostate Cancer

Tue 8th July 2008:

National Radio Nine to Noon yesterday interviewed Prof Mark Frydenberg, an expert on prostate cancer who works at the Urology Dept, Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne. 600 men per year die of prostate cancer in New Zealand each year. Prof Frydenberg explained that several international studies to evaluate the benefits of screening programmes had not been […]

Allegations against rugby players

Sat 5th July 2008:

Allegations that sexual abuse was committed by several touring English rugby players have been milked by unscrupulous media showing scant regard for civil rights. The NZ Press Association is even quite happy to provide names of those who might have been alleged to have committed sexual crimes. The case raises important questions relevant to gender […]

Father and Child Trust, Auckland Meeting Monday 7-9pm

Fri 4th July 2008:

Our Auckland Father and Child Trust Meeting is on Monday night, 7-9pm, at the Onehunga Community Center, 83 Church Street, near the library. We had our strategy confirmed at the Father and Child Trust AGM in Chch, to positively encourage fathers, as early in their fatherhood as possible.

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