MENZ Issues

A request for Gender Equality

This is a draught of the letter to be sent to Mr Key, please read over it and comment about what changes, additions or subtractions you feel are necessary. A week from now I will circulate for signatory from men’s groups.

Dear Prime Minister John Key,

Congratulations on your appointment to Prime Minister of New Zealand, your success has certainly shown that New Zealand is wanting change. To wit I am writing to you on behalf of a number of Men’s groups around New Zealand regarding an ongoing concern on gender equality.

As you are aware there is a Ministry of Women’s Affairs but as yet there is no Ministry of Men’s Affairs, which we (as the collective Men’s groups) believe has in effect set barriers between men and Women in this country. The Ministry of Women’s Affairs is a Government funded group set up to help Women overcome their many issues whilst Men’s groups around the country are struggling to get by relying on memberships and donations. I’m sure you can appreciate Men have just as many issues to contend with and the lack of any real support and the knowledge that Women are getting that support has taken it’s toll on New Zealand Men.

The obvious answer to this problem is to initiate a Ministry of Men’s Affairs, but as you have pledged to reduce government spending we can suggest, in the name of gender equality, the discontinuation of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs to be replaced with the Ministry of Gender Affairs.

We give you full and strong support on this issue being resolved in a fair and gender equal way.

Yours sincerely and on behalf on New Zealand Men’s Groups,

Justin Harnish

Member of the Republic of New Zealand Party