MENZ Issues

Book – “That Bitch”

While I was in Ireland I brought a few copies of this book. Which I am
now happy to sell or ‘rent’. They cost me 19Euro each so I do need to
get something back on them. If you want one send me an email.

I think it is a pretty good book for guys who find themselves in a
difficult relationship. Of course it is always best if you read it
before you get too deep into the yoghurt but, it usually takes guys to
be in pretty deep before they get interested.

It is written by Mary Cleary founder of Amen an organisation in Ireland
set up to help men struggling through their family court. Have a look
at their website -> There is a link on the website
with more information.
Mary has been a counsellor for many years and actually started out
helping women but soon realised there was something not quite right and
got so into the plight of men that she set up this wonderful
organisation for men. It was her that invited me to Ireland and I spoke
at the Amen conference which was by far the best thing I have ever
attended on mens issues.
The book was co written by Roy Sheppard who also spoke at the conference
and I met briefly. His background is also in counselling.