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Broken Hearted Family

First time writer. I just wanted tell my brothers story on this site as he cannot do it for himself as he is in jail due to FALSE allegations of sexual abuse & rape. My family & I are absolutely devastated by the guilty verdict the jury delivered, but after reading some of the listings on this menz sight I was horrified to find it seems to be the normal way things go for Men. My brother comes up for sentence soon & I’ve been doing a bit of research on ways to help him, as we know he’s innocent!. His so called TRIAL was a F—N shambles, I would love to tell you all the details but im afraid as he will be appealing the conviction & sentence & i don’t want to do anything that might f–k up his appeal. It seems to me that the justice system is so F–ked up that any female with a bee in her bonnet can accuse anyone with no evidence & even when the accused has evidence to prove his innocents it doesn’t matter cos if you’ve been accused you MUST BE GUILTY.  I am ashamed to admit being female after finding out how EVIL some bitches can be, as it was my brothers x wife’s & her daughter that accused him. We know they only did this because of the custody battle that has been goin on for years (he lost all those too!) as hes been trying to get visitation to his biological daughter. I rang a mens ph councilling line hoping that i could get my brother someone he could ring & talk to but he gets lock up for the night at 4.30pm & this councilling service doesn’t start til 6.30pm, which was rather disappointing so if anyone out there knows of another such service I would be grateful if you let me know, also any advice or info would also be gratefully recieved.