MENZ Issues

Men’s intuition good enough to be used as caught evidence!

It seems that men’s intuition is more than good enough, to be used in familycaught, as evidence?

Interestingly, scientific checking shows that women’s intuition is less sensitive and less accurate.

Men’s suspicious minds better at spotting infidelity

Suspicious dads spark surge in sales of DNA kits

Is this a bit of a turnaround from the familycaught’s “processing” of Domestic Violence complaints? where the familycaught accepts women’s intuition over men’s, even though at a macro level – the hospital admissions records totally puts the lie to the number of “protection orders” issued by these clowns!

Protection orders – the quantitative figures See #7, 10 and 17.

Anyway, I hope you can enjoy a laugh at these [judicial] clowns and not let them get under your skin, or waste your taxpayer dollars.

There is a catch of course, its not Political Clowning.

If we took it seriously and wanted to minimise the Government’s losses from refunding [spousal and] child support (without recovering it from most of the mothers), then we just need to sort it out correctly just after the birth. This is the cheapest and safest [and most honest!] approach, why don’t we just do it?

We have to face up to the leaky creaky condoms crisis, or it will cost us more in the long run. Its funny how the ripoff artists always want to bite the deep-pockets, who can’t run away. I always thought that you couldn’t get a woman pregnant, while you were looking the other way.

Ah, evidence – its such a complex subject that the average man on the street couldn’t hope to understand the finer points…. I would trust them more than a “clown in a gown”, lost and confused by sympathy and stupidity.

Cheers, MurrayBacon.