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People leave NZ in droves

The exodus of migrants to Australia hit a record in the past year, while tourist numbers from north Asia are slumping badly because of the global economic slowdown.

In the past 12 months, 35,300 or almost 100 people a day have left for Australia. That is the biggest flood on record and higher than the previous peaks after the 1987 sharemarket crash or in the late 1970s.

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The article doesn’t say so but you’ll find that most people leaving are males and married families.

The reasons are far more than economic. In fact people with poor job security are more likely to stay where they are since they can rely on help from the state and from family. Immigrating is always a bold move that carries some risks.

The reasons record numbers of people – dominated by skilled males – are leaving New Zealand are a statement about New Zealand society. IMHO.