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Peter Ellis – commission of enquiry

If you are visiting from overseas and don’t know of this case; here is a link to pick it up.

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Once again the Government is asked for an inquiry to this case after three terms of left wing. Today we have the National Party in leadership. They certainly weren’t put there for John Key’s lack of experience.

Peter Ellis talking of the vested interests of officials in the Ministry of Justice: “I have high hopes that [Mr Power] will have the moral courage and political will to certainly listen to the advice of the [Justice] ministry, but to remember that if the ministry consists of the same career bureaucrats that have been in charge of [the case] for the last 17 years … that they have a vested interest to leave it as the status quo.”

Peter Ellis has always stated his innocence and after he had served his 10 year sentence he stayed in prison where he has now served 15 years because he cannot get parole unless he states he is guilty. And he won’t. They say, “Anyone with half a brain can see this man is innocent.” I am of the opinion it is not the brain that the left lacks. It is something else ….

The Ellis case is also a clear instance of a moment in New Zealand culture where some of the unhealthier assumptions of feminism and feminist academics and professionals reached their apogee. The climate of hysteria and the evolvement of the charges amongst unhealthily preoccupied parents was never explored. For any rational person reviewing the evidence in the case is an exercise in amazement that the case got to Court let alone a conviction being obtained. And the role of successive governments in the limiting the scope of enquiries and damping down the Ellis reviews every chance they got is a shame that will always cloud Helen Clark’s Labour Government.

This is time in NZ history where men everywhere are speaking out from the gay community to radio and TV. I would like to think that this will be the first major protest for men’s rights in NZ if MP Simon Power says, “No” to an enquiry. Something has got to give.

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Breakfast co-host Paul Henry said: The fact is that it is impossible for Peter Ellis to be guilty as charged. Impossible. As Lynley Hood said anyone with half a brain reviewing the evidence can see that….. The case has never been reviewed in it’s entirety. It just seems extraordinary to me

2008-1216 – TV1: Breakfast – Peter Ellis Inquiry

JC – How difficult do you think this process will be given the time that has lapsed and the fact that we are dealing with memories from very early childhood?

LH – I don’t think we need to revisit the memories of people particularly. I think a Commission of Inquiry needs to look at the documentation, and try and understand how an ambiguous comment from a three year old boy turned into a huge court case that ripped apart a city and ruined the lives of more than a dozen well qualified child care workers as well as putting one in jail.

JC What was that ambiguous comment from a three year old boy?

LH – Well we don’t know for sure, because it was reported by his mother who was a rather obsessive sex abuse therapist and he never repeated it in any interviews with CYPS or anybody. She claimed he said “I don’t like Peter’s black penis” And there are a lot of Peters in his life, and whether that’s what he said, we don’t know. But that’s what set it all off and you think how can that happen?. We must have investigative procedures that can’t distinguish between true and false allegations or can’t test them and a justice system that has trouble distinguishing between the innocent and the guilty when sex abuse allegations are concerned so it goes much wider than Peter Ellis.

2008-1216 – Radio Live – Government reconsidering Peter Ellis case

Supporters for an enquiry into convicted Christchurch Crèche worker Peter Ellis say there is no evidence the boy at the centre of the case ever made a complaint.

Three high-profile advocates for Ellis – former National leader Don Brash, author Lynley Hood and ex-MP Katherine Rich – are calling for justice minister Simon Power to review Ellis’ case.

Ellis was convicted in 1993 of 16 sex offences against children at the crèche.

The case was sparked after the mother of one child from the creche reported a comment from her son.

However Lynley Hood believes there is no official record of the original comment made by the boy.

2008-1216 – Radio Live – Peter Ellis supporters denounce central boy’s evidence