MENZ Issues

That old chestnut

First post, I’ll try to be brief …

As I see from reading through the wealth of information available here.  I have a realistic view of what can and can’t happen when a loving Dad who seeks 50/50 care of his beautiful children, tries to review how much child support is due from him.

However; it’s late, and I can’t sleep, and I know there’s many people here who know the same truth, that some things in this life aren’t fair.  So excuse me for venting.

I am currently negotiating a full 50% share of nights and days caring for my two gems, Louis (5.8) and Elliot (2.5).  At every turn I find roadblocks to enabling me to care for my two sons.

IRD: We’re very sorry sir, but there’s nothing we can do, someone has to pay the Crown for the DPB she’s claiming.  Even if she chose not to claim, we’ll make her claim. Pity though.

WINZ: Yeah good one, you really think we can help you, even if you didn’t earn what you earn, she already claims DPB for your two young fellas.  Pity though.

My only hope, is to negotiate with my ex-wife that it’s in the boys best interests that she seeks work, rather than rely on DPB and the Child Support I have faithfully paid every month for the last three years.

Next stop Administrative Review … because unfortunately the cost of setting up house again is getting the best of me.

Second stop Full Custody … if I’m going to see them for half the time and still have to pay Child Support, why not have them all the time and put that money into an account for them?

Nite all, thanks for listening.