MENZ Issues

The law and men …. how bad is it?

There was a time when I believed that justice may be blind but surely it is not dumb. I figured (naively) that students actually studied the law and that all people were protected under it. In a funny way it was like a security blanket and I got on with life believing that the law had my interests at heart and that of my family and friends.

I guess, the child within me wants to continue to believe this … but as I get smacked around the head with reality from time to time, I find myself in disgust of the world I live in.

How can it be that lobby groups have more control of the way the world works than ordinary working class people? How can lobby groups have more power than politicians or judges? Ho Hum, woe is me to live in a world with no fairness! …. But I am the lucky sex. I should not be complaining. After all, the feminists have made darn sure that I won’t be suffering by the law! You see, I am of the more favoured sex because the feminists worked hard decades ago to make sure we gained plenty of resources today to fight the evil in the world known as masculinity/man/Patriarchy.

“Not enough men are serving time for rape”, say my sisters. And thy mighty lobbying will make sure the criminal court follows a quota system next year and the following year the quota amount will be upped and the following year until not one man will even have the right to a trial.


I remember the grumbling over the fact that police were given quotas and they had to fine so many people each week else they lost their job. That really hurt!!!! But, just imagine a court system having to follow quotas. You’d be hoping the judge liked you or that they had enough guilty before you went up. Just imagine the judge knowing that 6 cases were going to be presented to him in a week and 5 have to be found guilty. Could you possibly be the lucky one out of 5? What ever happened to a fair trial. You are meant to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. you know! …….. The law is not designed for quotas.

But then look at little further down the track. What will happen when the police are held accountable to quotas over rape and they have the power to judge you right there and then on the spot? Imagine what sort of a promotion you will get to throw every man in prison on rape charges.


I can’t help but have my stomach in knots over this. How can you stop such horrible and evil power when you can’t even hold women’s affairs accountable for resources? How can you tell a world that this money you give to protect women is mostly given to lobby groups to terminate men? How can you show the world that gender studies is all about empowering women through the hatred of men?

“All men are rapists” is what the lecturers say. “All men are rapists” is what the feminists say when in positions of power in the community, councils, parliament, unions and human rights. “All men are rapists”, is what they teach lawyers and judges. “All men are rapists” is what the police feminists say as they climb the ladder enabling them to direct the whole force.

I ask you this dear reader; ARE ALL MEN RAPISTS? Are 50% of men rapists? Are 25%? 10%, 1%?

Look around you. How many of your male neighbours have raped? How many of your sons and grandsons have raped? How many of our fathers rape their daughters? What about your brothers; How many women have they raped? And your friends? Cousins? What about your husband?

What about the stranger walking into you office asking for representation or assistance? How do you really know he is guilty?