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What is the Men’s Movement?

This was answered over a question posted on a “yahoo answers” where you can ask any question you like to the wide world Internet.

This was the question:
Do these groups represent Men Rights Activists, or are they just radicals? Who does speak for MRA’s? And a number of links were put forward. Links from fathers and males of many ages including young teens who are spreading the caution to their brothers as to what the world is like for males. And spreading the solutions to help one another.

All the answers given from males are worthwhile reading and one in particular was picked up from one of my favourite Counter feminist sites.

“Fidelbogen is right on the money. People who refer to themselves as MRAs cover every facet of society, and can be anyone anywhere. The term MRA is just a label that you can stick on or take off, yourself or others, as you wish. You can devote whatever time and energy you want to trying to find out who and where they are; but here is a tip – don’t bother. You won’t succeed and there is nothing you can do about them even if you did. I have been tracking the MM for years and can tell you that MRAs are just a part of it; like clusters of passengers on a train that is slowly gathering speed. They can hop off or on at will, but the train just keeps on moving forward with or without them. MRAs can give impetus to the movement, and often do; but they are not the whole of the MM or anything like it. I don’t know how many people are out there who would call themselves MRAs; except from the evidence I see and the growing Internet traffic, I am certain there are more and more every year. But you would be far better engaged on looking at the bigger picture, asking why the MM exists in the first place, and why it is growing.

Hmmm, so why does the Men’s movement exist in the first place? You will have to read the rest to find the answer.

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