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Archive of May 2009

1.5m men are victims of domestic violence in Kenya

Wed 27th May 2009:

A report by a lobby group championing men’s rights on Sunday said over 1.5 million in Kenya are victims of domestic violence daily.

Our Own Bomb…

Ok, so here goes. I am laying my balls on the block for the Government Guillotine. First — a couple of presumptions…. 1. The Feminist ‘Movement’ is totally divorced from, and has nothing to do with femininity. 2. The Feminist ‘Movement’ has nothing to do with engendering equality of the genders. 3. Feminism has completely […]

Circus Quirkus

Mon 25th May 2009:

Rotary Club of Newmarket is putting on a wonderful circus performance as they have for the past 11 years, and we have free tickets donated by business men and women for humanity causes.

Behind every violence or murder there is a protection order

Sun 24th May 2009:

When the man in the following article murdered his wife, I as a vaccinated Family Court bonded client, thought there must be a protection order behind this case. And here it comes.  A few months later a doctored article in the press vaguely refers to a protection order. Notice how they write ‘ punctuated by […]

International Men’s Health Week

In June each year International Men’s Health Week is held. Age Concern New Zealand joins with College of Nurses (Aotearoa) NZ to lead celebrations in New Zealand. Men’s Health Week is a chance for New Zealand men to make a difference to their health for themselves and their families. Why have an International Men’s Health […]

Gifted girls conceal their talents

I would question this, given the tendency to “put down” males. From: Gifted girls conceal their talents By CATHERINE WOULFE – Sunday Star Times Parents need to watch their daughters closely to work out whether they might be “gifted”, experts say, because girls are far more likely than boys to deliberately “dumb down” to […]

The rape culture of feminism

Sat 23rd May 2009:

Do you remember these feminist quotes? “All men are rapists and that’s all they are.” Author; (later, advisor to Al Gore’s Presidential Campaign.) – Marilyn French “I claim that rape exists any time sexual intercourse occurs when it has not been initiated by the woman, out of her own genuine affection and desire.” Ms. Magazine […]

Family First News

Fri 22nd May 2009:

Fairer child deal sought The Press 21 May 2009 Child-support payments may be changed to reflect the income of a parent’s new partner. The proposal is part of Revenue Minister Peter Dunne’s call for a review of the child-support scheme. Dunne said yesterday that he wanted to make the scheme “as even-handed as possible”. He […]

Anti-Smacking Postal Referendum: July 31 – August 21 2009

We need your help! From Family First In the first three weeks of August, NZ’ers will finally have a chance to have their say on Sue Bradford’s anti-smacking law. It’s taken two years , the booting out of the previous government (which many commentators – even within the Labour party – attribute to this law), […]

How would you get your child back if he/she turns against you through PAS?

Thu 21st May 2009:

(Please do not list your past experiences or any criticisms, unless they are relevant to the point that is being made.) This is a guide written by dads that have suffered.

Removing Children From Marital Home

Wed 20th May 2009:

Removing Children From Marital Home (Shared Parenting) When you consider this issue, starting from children’s needs, I believe that most married couples who might separate, are in the situation that their mental health and parenting skills aren’t so good that both could make a valid claim for sole custody. Therefore, they would have to either […]

Risk assessment in familycaught!!!!!!!!!!

Risk assessment is challenging, but is fast being put onto a reasonably scientific basis, in the real world, based on learning from past examples. This is NOT rocket science, just common sense!!!! Put the other way – there are none so blind, as will not see! Assessing the risk, of a parent absconding with children, […]

PAS yeah right!

Tue 19th May 2009:


Jim Bagnall but not a Republican ??

I see Jim is a candidate for Mt Albert by election. However he is not flying a Republican banner, what gives?

In The News to Week 20, 2009 (Part Two)

Yes Now Means No The NRL sex scandal just keeps on going, essentially gossip that is creating real victims who are losing their careers and having their reputations associated with allegations no matter how unsupported by evidence. We are expected to believe that at least 17 top league players stood around or joined in raping […]

In The News To Week 20, 2009 (Part One)

You never have to wait long for news stories that highlight the misandry that has infected our belief system after decades of feminist propaganda. Although I only come across a small proportion of media sources, I need to break this week’s exposé into two posts and that doesn’t even include other glaring examples already submitted […]

Confronting Our Most Urgent Social Problem

Tue 12th May 2009:

The United States is becoming an increasingly fatherless society. A generation ago, an American child could reasonably expect to grow up with his or her father. Today, an American child can reasonably expect not to. Fatherlessness is now approaching a rough parity with fatherhood as a defining feature of American childhood.

Cabinet hotly debated Ms Rankin’s appointment.

Christine Rankin says she is “really surprised” by the reaction to her controversial appointment as a Families Commissioner. United Future leader Peter Dunne, architect of the Families Commission, today lambasted the appointment as “a mistake” and called on Ms Rankin to reject the position. Ms Rankin, who recently remarried for the fourth time, said today […]

Whakatane peodophile given 9 months home detention.

Fri 8th May 2009:

A Whakatane woman who engaged in sexual acts with a troubled 13-year-old boy placed in her care by Child, Youth and Family Services felt so guilty she handed herself in to police. The 31-year-old unemployed woman, whose name is suppressed, sobbed quietly in the dock as the case against her was heard in Whakatane District […]

In The NZ News, Week 19, 2009

Wed 6th May 2009:

Two 15-year-old schoolboys commit suicide within a week of each other, and police are investigating whether text or internet bullying contributed to their deaths. Why don’t they investigate the more likely stressors leading young men to commit suicide at epidemic rates that are much higher than those for women? I would suggest they start with: […]

Family First newsletter (6/5/09)

Marriage Up, Divorce Down, Civil Unions Irrelevant Family First Media Release 5 May 09 Family First NZ is welcoming the latest statistics on marriage, civil unions and divorce showing a declining rate of divorce, and an increasing number of marriages over the past decade. While the marriage rate has retained its demand and relevance, the […]

Dads and Sons

Tue 5th May 2009:

Raising a son is a big responsibility. No one can help a boy become a man more than his Dad. The Parenting Place is offering an enjoyable night with speaker Ian Grant who will share lots of ways for you as a father to build ‘camaraderie’ and respect with your son. Fathers may know many […]

Awareness-Raising Stickers

Sun 3rd May 2009:

I am planning to obtain some stickers to put on anti-male campaign posters etc. The stickers will be round and boldly say something like “THIS IS A MALE-BASHING CAMPAIGN”. For example, the White Ribbon Campaign posters, “Say No to Domestic Violence” posters, Women’s Refuge (break up your family as soon as you feel unhappy) propaganda […]

Wedlock Again – Biology rules over eternal pain 5:50am Saturday 2nd May 2009 THE founder of Fathers 4 Justice will wed his partner of four years today after vowing “never again” to get married. Matt O’Connor, from Winchester, will marry Nadine Taylor, pictured, from Romsey, at Romsey Abbey. They will wear handcuffs as a sign of their campaigning past and their commitment […]

Family Court Protest

Sat 2nd May 2009:

Thanks to Jim Bailey over at rationshed for the details of this events. I beleive Paul Catton from East Auckland Men’s Refuge has also helped organise it. Citizens who have been shafted by the NZ Court are chaining themselves in front of the Auckland High Court on Thursday, 7 May, 9-11 am. It is a […]

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