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Archive of October 2009

If the controls don’t work, it’s probably out of control – UK

Sat 31st October 2009:

Funny how the controls on employing paperboys seem to be so much more stringent than the controls on spying on citizens? Everything not forbidden, is compulsory! (postulated by physics theorist Murray Gell-Mann) In human behavior, over large populations, everything not impossible, will happen? Murphy McMannus Can you even remember back to 1984? Anti-terror powers used […]

Treating non-abductor as though they were the abductor Germany

Thu 29th October 2009:

One eyed “judges” handling of parental child abduction Michael’s story is long and shows much wastage of the joy and happiness that family life would normally bring. However, it is a story that shows huge amounts of taking improper illegal treatment on the chin, and then going back for more. Shear persistence, in the face […]

March for Democracy – vote with your feet

Wed 28th October 2009:

We need you! — your energy — and your networking ability — to get the message out! The March for Democracy will be held in Queen St Auckland and will be calling on the government to amend s59 of the Crimes Act so that the law does not treat light smacking for the purpose of […]

Meeting with MP

Sat 24th October 2009:

As mentioned in my previous post, I will be meeting with the Hon, Dr Wayne Mapp, to discuss the Family Court etc… etc… I was thinking it might be and idea to give him and idea of how many people are in a simular postion to what I am in.  If you want to write […]

Letter to MP’s, and their responses

This is a Letter that I sent to 13 Diffrent MP’s from diffrent political parties but I tried to focus on the Ministers/Spokespersons for Justice, Courts, Social Development etc. I have recived some intresting replys, including a Labour MP asking if she can foward my letter on to the Legal Aid Review Panel, and also […]

A Victory.

The mother of two young boys has been refused permission to appeal a High Court ruling preventing her from moving to the United Kingdom with them. The boys’ parents separated in 2007 and shared parenting. The mother initially won Family Court permission to move with the boys to the UK, but the father successfully appealed […]

Draconian Powers to be given to government agencies

Fri 23rd October 2009:

State agency spy powers ‘chilling’ WHAT’S IN THE BILL THE POWERS: Video surveillance, watching private activity on private property, installing tracking devices, detaining people during a search, power to stop vehicles without a warrant for a search, warrantless seizure of “items in plain view”, power to hack into computers remotely, power to detain anyone at […]

No rules of evidence for sexual violence allegations

A proposal from the two-year taskforce for action on sexual violence, issued yesterday, would reverse the usual rules of evidence for sex cases. Note that many of the proposals are things like redefining the definition of consent so that the male is presumed guilty unless he can prove positive that an explict “yes” was given […]

Kevin Driscoll

Thu 22nd October 2009:

The case of Kevin Driscoll, accused of rape and currently under house arrest in Oregon, USA is a men’s rights issue going begging. The evidence against him is so bewilderingly thin, and the severity of local law enforcement’s response so untoward, that this case promises to be a watershed moment in the advancement of men’s […]

Being there when baby’s born

Mon 19th October 2009:

From: NZ Herald Being there when baby’s born If I wasn’t allowed to be present at the birth of my little girl then I would have thrown my toys. This week’s revelations by British childbirth specialist Michel Odent, who reckons childbirth would be less painful and more streamlined if men were not in the delivery […]

Child Support Review

Fri 16th October 2009:

Extract from a speech by Peter Dunne. The full speech can be read at: This is our opportunity gentlemen. Tell them what we think. He expects a “Great many” submissions. Lets not dissappoint him.

Aisling Symes Disappearance

AISLING SYMES DISAPPEARANCE This has been a horrible situation for Aisling’s family. Our hopes were with them and we now grieve with them for their tragic loss. Sadly, the case provided another platform for institutional sexism in news reports that police were focusing on local “child-related offending” and people of interest in this regard.

Father’s suicides or parental suicides?

Wed 14th October 2009:

Dear Wendy, I read your article about father’s suicides, with quite a bit of pain. While men’s suicide shows up grossly and obviously in national suicide statistics, I suspect that women’s suicides due to court traumatisation from removal of relationships with children is a faster growing problem. The feeling of traumatisation due to injustice does […]

Call for Suicide Ideation Experiences – from Australia

> From: Suicide Prevention Australia > > Date: 14 October 2009 8:01:45 AM > To: greg @ > Subject: Senate Inquiry into Suicide in Australia: Have your say. > Together, we can make a difference… > Reply-To: [email protected] > > > Suicide and self-harm remain unacceptably high in the Australian > community with death […]

Something different

My son is twelve. Its been a journey but finally there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.  You see, I have been supporting my son since he was born but yet have never been able to support him.  Supported in dollars yes, but not in the normal sense of being a […]

Care and Protection a Joke

Tue 13th October 2009:

The FC have finally done their worst. They need to have their closed doors opened to show the criminal injustices they continue to do to children. Just come from an ordered Care and Protection meeting ordered by Judge Druce with the non trustable C4C Christina Cook. Two choices were given, the abused child be made […]

Domestic Violence against Men Day

Mon 12th October 2009:

Indian men and their families are taking to the streets across India in protest of feminism’s domestic violence ideology. Fed-up of being victims of domestic violence, harassed men and their family members across the country will take to the streets in prominent cities to protest against Domestic Violence Act. Representatives of Save India Family Foundation […]

Female-Father Uber Alles – UK style

Sun 11th October 2009:

I have seen with my own eyes, children removed from parents and made available for adoption by female//female parents. Uk Government is putting out screeds and screeds and screeds of new Family rules. To me, it looks as though the “Family” issues are getting lost in layers and layers of 1984 style legalese=paperwork. It’s all […]

How women’s refuges work

Even Canada is challenging the corrupt business of feminism. Robert Franklin, Esq. from Glenn Sack’s has given a good description of what is going on in this video. Setting the scene Robert explains that Toronto Criminal defence lawyer Mr. Walter Fox describes in the video above how originally, the office of the Attorney General was […]

Domestic Violence month has given something for males to celebrate

Sat 10th October 2009:

October is Domestic Violence month and one court case alone in West Virginia, USA, has given a shimmer of hope for men in this terrible time of gender discrimination against them. A group of men and women against discrimination (MAWAD) have taken the state’s family service board to court over discrimination laws. Not only are […]

Families commission on child support

Fri 9th October 2009:

From: The Families Commission supports a review of the child support scheme in the hopes it will result in more equity, flexibility and information for separated parents.

Family Court website

This makes interesting reading, as it gives the family court’s own perspective of itself. From: Welcome to the website of the New Zealand Family Court The Family Court of New Zealand deals with a wide range of issues but many of them involve the care of children. This website explains many of the things you might want […]

Parents’ living hell as hunt for Aisling enters fifth day

From:   Police hunting for missing toddler Aisling Symes have not ruled out she could have been stolen to order. Nothing has been seen of the bright and bubbly two-year-old since Monday night when she was last seen with an Asian woman who was holding a dog on a lead. Aisling’s disappearance from her […]

How Can This Be Right

Tue 6th October 2009:

My brother is in the process of a separation and divorce where his wife of almost ten years has had an affair and called time on their marriage and taken the five children. This occurred almost a month ago and since then he has been going through an absolute nightmare. His wife took the option […]

How to Finance Your Ludicrous Divorce – John Cleese Style !!!

Mon 5th October 2009:

John Cleese is furious he has to go back on tour to pay for his divorce. Stuff It!

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