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Archive of December 2009

Dunne Dumps on Dads

Sun 27th December 2009:

Well, my prediction has come true (See //’s-christmas-present/) Child support is to get a shake-up in the New Year after revelations eligible parents owe more than $1.7 billion in payment Have a read of the full text of this article and start planning what ACTION you are committed to make child tax reform an issue […]

‘Invisible children’ warning

Wed 16th December 2009:

You who have been removed by the Family Court from the sight of your children read the article below and see if you can identify some parallels. The report said: “Many of the children have emotional problems, which appear to get worse, not better, over time. A small number are walking powder kegs badly in […]

Men’s health focus in Journal of Primary Health Care

Thu 10th December 2009:

The December 2009 issue of Journal of Primary Health Care (JPHC), which is edited by my wife Felicity Goodyear-Smith, has a men’s health focus. In the editorial she writes: The health of our men contributes greatly to the health of our nation. Overall men have a poorer health status than women and use our health […]

Peter Dunne’s Christmas Present

Tue 8th December 2009:

While The Minister for Child Tax, Peter Dunne, plays an elf in the Johnsonville Christmas Parade I wonder what his Christmas present for those afflicted by Child Tax will be? Consider this; if the changes the oligarchy of officials proposes for tinkering with the current Child Tax legislation are to be implemented in 2010 Dunne […]

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