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Broken Promises

Wife wins in court’s property shock

The above article supplies more evidence that the politicians are incapable of passing laws that promise to…. “PROVIDE CLARITY AND CERTAINTY”… as suggested by Margaret Wilson MP when she passed the 2002 ammendment to the Property Relationship Act 1976

Contracts and agreements without the protection of well written law have no value at all and only encourage couples to enter into a ‘no win’ court fight. It cannot be said that court action costs the country money as all costs are within our own economy, however the social costs are astronomical.

Can you think why this may not be of importance to the law makers??? Might they perhaps consider it’s OK to have couples deal with incompetent law so long as money comes their way????

PS The NZ Herald article is not well written as it leaves the reader incorrectly thinking that marriage is the key element of the story rather than living in a sexual relationship with ‘a partner’ (either gender) for more than 3 yrs. The rule journalists follow in a story is the 5 W’s; Who, Why, What, Where and When. The ‘why’ is the BIG one here and it is not marriage. Also under ‘What’ there is no mention of the legal costs to the parties. This can be equal or even more than the amount in dispute so to omit this information is not giving the full story. I notice that Lawyer Andrew Watkins states that “It’s sending a signal to husbands, or people who have separate assets, to sign an agreement first.” These agreements “contracting out” are a mine field and produce nothing but heartache and an empty wallet. One would think that journalists would understand the subject they are writing about but perhaps like most of us they just cannot understand the shit hole that this PRA is!!! Needless to say I no longer live in NZ

A country ends up with the laws it deserves…..!!