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CYFS considers itself above justice

This story reported that CYFS interrogated Chris Kahui’s partner while she was giving birth to their next child. According to Mr Kahui, CYFS banned him from any contact with his new daughter except in the presence of a CYFS-approved supervisor, and they threatened to remove the baby from her mother if he disobeyed their command.

Regardless of what we might think of this man or other family members, CYFS actions here are sexist and highlight their denigrating attitudes to fathers and favouritism towards women. When Chris Kahui was prosecuted for the killing the Kahui twins, the jury took “only minutes” to acquit him. The evidence did not rule out the possibility that the mother killed the twins, and regardless it raised serious concerns about the mother’s lifestyle and ability to protect and otherwise to care for her children. The jury heard all the evidence in a long and thorough trial, but CYFS now decides it is better placed to judge the case. CYFS leaves the new baby unsupervised with the mother and treats the father as the primary risk. Under NZ’s laws based on feminist ideology, CYFS has no need to respect civil rights, to treat someone as innocent unless found guilty, or to respect any right this baby has to develop normal, unencumbered bonds with her father that can secure his commitment to a long term role in her future. Instead, CYFS is allowed to operate a policy that sees the mother as being much more important than the father, and that overlooks the same risks and shortcomings in mothers that will readily be used to justify trashing children’s relationships with their fathers.