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Destroy the Patriarchy by killing your baby

Janet Fraser is perhaps Australia’s most ferocious advocate of home births.

Her spiel mixes militant feminism and a green age’s worship of Earth Mother: “In a woman-hating society obsessed with the control and regulation of women’s bodies, choosing to birth at home makes a crucial statement of withdrawal from patriarchy.”

Medical intervention to help the baby or spare the mother is “birthrape”, and obstetricians are warned: “When you rupture those membranes . . . even when the woman screams no, that’s rape.”

Joyous Birth’s 1000 members are even urged by its website to scrawl on hospital walls “Episiotomy is genital mutilation” and “Did your rapist wear a mask and gown?”

Janet’s first child was delivered by emergency caesarean and she had not once in her pregnancy seen a doctor for her second child.

She was determined she would have her baby the natural way like an animal because medicine and medical treatment means “men” power.

Sadly, an ambulance was eventually called but they could not save her baby.

Why would someone do this? But I guess, “A woman’s body, a woman’s choice”

How far feminists will go to destroy men (patriarchy) is not just radical, it is insane.