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Family in strife after kids left alone in park

Sunday Star Times 28 June 2009
A Christchurch dad who let his nine-year-old son and four-year-old daughter play at a school park unsupervised is furious the government’s child welfare agency is now investigating his family. The case highlights the dilemma parents face in striking a balance between protecting their children and risk them becoming bubble-wrapped kids and giving them a taste of the freedom and independence parents themselves enjoyed as youngsters. READ MORE
Children’s Commissioner says parents took ‘risk’ letting kids play alone The Press 29 June 2009 READ MORE
Family First Comment : The concerning aspect about this case is that CYF is investigating the family. Parents take ‘risks’ every day as they allow their children to undertake potentially ‘dangerous’ activities e.g. letting a son play rugby, letting a daughter do gymnastics, walking to school etc. Previously we could trust our communities to keep an eye out for each other. We are quickly creating a ‘paranoid parenting’ environment. An investigation by CYF suggests that these parents are being irresponsible. Or is that where we’ve got to as a society??

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