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In the name of child abuse?

Schools call cops 40 times a week
NZ Herald Mar 02, 2009

Police are being called to schools about 40 times every week of the academic year to deal with behaviour teachers say they cannot handle. Figures issued under the Official Information Act and obtained by Family First NZ show officers were called out an average of 1531 times each year from 1998 to deal with violence, drugs or sex offences. Last year, they were called 1658 times. The number of calls over violent offences jumped 27 per cent in the past decade – from 869 to 1064. The union representing more than 48,000 primary and early childhood teachers and staff, said schoolchildren had become more violent in recent years .

…Bob McCoskrie, national director of the Family First lobby group, said it was time for action to protect students and teachers. “We have forgotten about the rights of law-abiding kids to feel safe, to not have disruption in the classroom, not be intimidated and be free of violence and bullying in the workplace .” Mr McCoskrie said he was concerned schools were discouraged from suspending or standing down their students but encouraged to bring in police officers fulltime . MORE
READ full statistics obtained from the police by Family First NZ under the Official Information Act
READ Family First Media Release from last November, “Schools Failing to Tackle Violence”

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Caning pupils ‘can be effective behaviour control’ (UK)
UK Telegraph 26 February 2009

Behaviour among children has got worse since the cane was abolished, according to UK parents . Government research showed some mothers and fathers believed corporal punishment was an “effective method of control” when they were at school. They said the decision to outlaw physical chastisement contributed to a decline in discipline . The comments – in a study backed by the Department for Children, Schools and Families – come just months after a fifth of teachers called for the cane to be reintroduced to restore order in the classroom. READ MORE

CYF finds fewer cases of abuse
Nelson Mail 02 March 2009

A drop in the number of child abuse cases discovered by Child Youth and Family in Nelson has come as a surprise to Nelson Women’s and Children’s Refuge, but could be a sign that campaigns are having an effect, some agencies say. Statistics released to The Nelson Mail under the Official Information Act show that while CYF is being contacted more often by people or organisations with concerns for children or young people, the agency is uncovering fewer cases of abuse .

Family First Comment : But we’re not surprised!
READ Family First Media Release December 2008 “Explosion in CYF Notifications But Missing Abuse”

When the rate goes up , it’s because of the campaign to stop abuse. When the rate goes down , it’s because of the campaign to stop abuse!!!!

You can’t have it both ways.

The problem is that the rate of notifications is exploding (30% increase in the past year) but the actual child abuse found is decreasing!! The reason? – we have confused the definition of child abuse by including non-abusive smacking. As a result, we are wasting huge amounts of time investigating non-abusive parents and have been distracted from focusing on actual child abuse and dysfunctional homes. And the rate of child abuse deaths continues – tragically.

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