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Bennett: New Children’s Commissioner Appointed

17 April 2009 – Child care and protection expert John Angus has been appointed Children’s Commissioner for six months while a permanent appointment is sought, Social Development and Employment Minister Paula Bennett said today.

“I have decided to make an interim appointment to allow time to find the right permanent appointee for this important position,” Ms Bennett said. “I am grateful that we have someone of Mr Angus’ ability and standing available while we work to fill the role long-term.”

John Angus is a former front-line social worker, and was later a senior public servant. More recently he worked on the review of the Children Young Persons and their Families Act 1989, and he led inter-departmental work on preventing child abuse and neglect for the Taskforce for Action on Violence Within Families.

“Mr Angus has high integrity and immense respect within the sector for the policy research and academic work he has done on child care and protection over many years,” Ms Bennett said. “He is regarded as thoughtful, considerate and a safe pair of hands.”

Ms Bennett thanked outgoing commissioner Dr Cindy Kiro for her commitment to children and young people over more than five years in the position.

“Dr Kiro has been a strong advocate for the rights of children, and she has left a lasting impression. I congratulate her on her achievements,” she said.

John Angus takes over as Children’s Commissioner on 2 May.

Paula Bennett is Glen Eden’s (my) MP. She is one among many MPs who are supportive of men’s rights.


Turia: Company Needs Language Reality Check

17 April 2009 – It’s outrageous that a company based in the Wellington region’s Polynesian capital has told its workers they can only speak to each other in English – even when on a break in the staff tearoom, says Tariana Turia – the minister responsible for Maori and Pacific employment.

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“This is a kick in the face”, says Tariana (Turia) and personally I am really sad that she has to face such a dilemma. Maori were beaten by Pakeha as children if they spoke their language in schools at one stage in our history. They were even given English names and forbidden to use their own.

What a horrid thing for them to see happening to another culture.


Cosgrove: Race Based Prisons Have No Place In New Zealand

Thursday, 16 April, 2009 – 13:58

Punishments for those who commit crimes should be the same no matter what race they are Labour Law and Order Spokesperson Clayton Cosgrove says.

“Creating different standards of punishment and rehabilitation based solely on race are wrong, Clayton Cosgrove said.

“Punishments for violent offenders who commit crimes against ordinary New Zealanders should not be based on an accident of birth and that is exactly what the Government is proposing.

“Targeted rehabilitative programmes delivered within the mainstream prison system are appropriate and their benefits should continue to be explored.

“Unfortunately the Government is not proposing to do this; it is proposing to develop an entirely separate set of punishments and of privileges based solely on race.

“Minister of Maori Affairs Pita Sharples stance is an insult to victims of crimes.

“A rape victim or victim of any violent offence should know that their offender will be punished equally no matter what their race.

“Dr Sharples seems to care little for victims of crime if he believes that allowing violent offenders to go flatting or be given special privileges based on race is an appropriate punishment.

Clayton Cosgrove said Dr Sharples also needed to get his facts straight when it came to Labour’s record on rehabilitation of prisoners

In 1996, under a National government, 80 percent of those released from prison were reconvicted within 2 years, in 2005, under the Labour Government, that figure had reduced to 55.4 percent.

“That significant reduction in reducing reconviction rates was managed without having a separate and prison system for Maori,” Clayton Cosgrove system.

This news article is quoted in full. It is good to keep up with the Maori way of doing things and the feminist way. Maori don’t send their men to anger management groups as mainstream does. You are treated as a man and not some scum of the earth.

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Sharples: Labour Committed To Failed Corrections Policies

“We are planning an extension of the Maori Focus Units concept. When the pilot project can show it is effective, then it will be opened to all inmates who can demonstrate their commitment to change their ways. Labour’s fears of a separate system for Maori are quite misguided, and blind them to Maori-based approaches that can work for everyone,” said Dr Sharples.

Hehehe. You can only push people so far. Let the people have the power.