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New Dads

I used the opportunity to ask Family Planning about resources for fathers and contraception for men particularly because I wanted to know about the injection still in trial stage. I quoted the expectation that men will have something available in 5 years and got the response, “Everything is 5 years.”

My heart sunk a little with that reply because this is the third 5 years away answer I have received. So I guess, 5 years is just a plan strategy. How long things really take is hard to predict.

But none the less, I have the opportunity for an interview with the CEO of Family Planning and received their 21 page booklet for ‘New Dads’.

I wish I could give you an opinion worthwhile on the subject but from the first page it hit me that men and women are very different. The booklet gives men advice on how to help their partner amongst other things. At that very moment I realised you (as a man) and me (as a woman) have distinct different shoes to wear during a pregnancy. And how much myself as a woman relied on the strength of my man. And yet the vulnerability of a man is no less. What a beautiful thing 2 human beings can share.

But I wrote this post, not to say, hey someone in Family Planning gets it but to acknowledge the men that do.

On page 19 it gives websites for support and you are all going to be pleased with who is first in line.

Drum roll please ….

Yes sirree, no other than the hard working men’s organisation …..

Father and Child.

But they are not the only ones who are helping new dads. The awesome DIY Fathers have written a book called ‘Call me Dad’.

A practical book for new dads is available – it’s called “Call Me Dad!” and it was written by the three directors of, Scott, Eric and Stefan. “Call Me Dad!” is packed with information on everything from pregnancy and preparing for the baby, to the end of that first unbelievable year. The book is based on our own experiences of fatherhood and includes lots of tips and real life stories from the global DIYFather community of fathers.

Great stuff men. Keep up the wonderful work.