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re Shaping our Radical Feminist Future

I’ve just been sent a flier advertising a series of workshops about to be run throughout the country by the Hamilton Abuse Intervention Project. Anyone who knows the history of the 1995 Domestic Violence Act will have alarm bells going off at this point I’m sure. The workshops are called:

re Shaping our Future – conversations with Lundy Bancroft

The flier tells us that Bancroft “provides training to advocates, practitioners, Judges, lawyers, law enforcement officers and Corrections staff in assessing the risk to children living with a violent adult in their home.” The sessions are intended to critically review our thinking and practices around child saftey and how we might work to build stronger bonds between the non-abusive parent and their children.”

Lundy himself doesn’t bother using gender-neutral Femspeak such as “violent adult” instead of father, and “non-abusive parent” instead of mother; he spells out exactly where he is coming from:

In his book “Disorder in the Courts” Lundy has written…”our society is currently giving mothers a powerful and crazy-making mixed message. First, it says to mothers, “if your children’s father is violent or abusive to you or your children, you should leave him in order to keep your children from being exposed to his behaviour.”

But then, if the mother does leave, the society many times appears to do an abrupt about-face, and say, “Now that you are split up from your abusive partner, you must expose your children to him. Only now you must send them alone with him, without you being around anymore to keep an eye on whether they are okay.”

Bancroft has a website at, which has details of his other books, including “Why does He Do That?”, and “When Dad Hurts Mom”. He offers weekend healing retreats for people recovering from relationship abuse.

I wonder how many agencies working with men will be attending these workshops? If you want to honnob with the elite of the NZ domestic violence industry, the dates and venues are:

28th July
Parnel Trust
Jubilee Building
29th July
Tapu Te Ranga
Island Bay
31st July
Holiday Inn on Avon
3rd August
Waikato Stadium

It costs $135, but if you ask the organiser Roma Balzer nicely, she may give you one of the 25 places for M?ori advocates or the 25 places for non-M?ori. Might be best not to mention violent women, or male DV victims though.

Balzer is also the National co-ordinator for NZ Women’s Refuge. The bottom of the flier spells out their agenda in bold, red type:

“Building Partnerships, Actioning Social Change, ending Violence against Women & Children.”

Download flier here. [warning: 1.08 MB PDF]