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Request for you to share your suicidal ideation experience

Whose Finger Pulled the Suicide Trigger?

The TVNZ website, source NZPA had the following report:

Bevin said the Father’s Coalition had wanted to raise with the commission a range of issues, particularly the likelihood that family break-ups, and events such as separations and divorces, were key factors in a high incidence of suicide among middle-aged men.
This “man-toll” comprised many of the 300 men among the 500 annual suicides, he said.
But curry said the coalition’s concerns about Family Court proceeds potentially being a trigger for suicide had been confirmed by the court’s principal judge, Peter Boshier.

Mr. Kerry Bevin’s speech didn’t narrow down the culpable parties. I have tried to point the finger in what I believe is the largest single culpable direction – “judges”.

My interest in parental suicide, on forced separation from children, was triggered by listening to a speech given by Dr. Vivian Roberts, a Hastings GP.

My initial reaction was of total disbelief. Something wasn’t lying right, but it took me a few weeks to put my finger on it.

Suddenly I realised that when I was faced with the rather stark risk of not being able to see my own children and the familycaught totally ignoring me as a parent, that for a while I had quite closely considered suicide. I had since turned my back on these thoughts and said to myself not to go back there. I guess that I had worked so hard to repress, that it took some time before I was able to face my own history.

Since then, in reading about the impacts of childhood trauma, I realised that the seeds for suicidal ideation are sown in a large minority of all of our children – it wasn’t just me. These seeds lie silently, waiting.

Then it came back to me – exactly what was the trigger in my own experience.

Example of delivering suicide triggers – judge dale green

On 13th February 2008 I made a submission to the Justice Department, on the Domestic Violence Act. This submission was quite out of step with what the Justice Department requested. Instead of making suggestions for making the Domestic Violence Act more onerous onto men, I analysed the effectiveness of the DV Act and showed using Government statistics that it saved approximately 0.5 woman or child’s life per year from DV, at a cost of about 100 men’s and children’s suicides.

My submission then speculated on the exact suicide triggers that were achieving this level of killing performance.

The submission also showed that this outcome was foreseeable, from the research available at the time the Domestic Violence Act went through Parliament.

The Justice Department have never even acknowledged receipt of my submission.

My submission was weak, in that my speculations were only based on my own experiences of suicidal ideation triggered by the judge’s deliberate disrespect and dishonesty. Quite possibly, this might not be other people’s experience?

If Paul Curry’s comment is correct, Judge Boshier has now acknowledged that the familycaught “judges” play a significant role in triggering parental suicide.

Somehow, I would be surprised if Judge Boshier has ever made any such admission.

Although he does do some very good work, among lots of others, I have never seen him accept responsibility for damage or destruction done by any “judge”. He may work hard to tidy up messes left by other “judges”, but publicly there has never been any admission of culpability on the part of these “judges”.

Public discussion about suicide triggers is a fraught and hazardous subject. Custodial parents risk losing custody, if they speak on these topics, about their own experiences.

Non-custodial parents take higher still risks, if they ever publicly discuss their own experiences.

This willingness to use suicidal ideation as an issue for removing children from their parents, acts as a powerful force to inhibit parents from accessing medical help, if the adversarial side might be able to find out about it.

Having given these warnings then, I make hard request.

Please consider to share your own experiences, so that I can resubmit my Domestic Violence Submission, strengthened with many other examples of familycaught “judges” driving in suicide triggers.

For people with children still within the familycaught extortionable age range, we can submit without giving the names. Although this weakens the political strength of the submission, it is still better than without your assistance at all.

Besides, if you help, one day the life that you save, might have some of your own blood flowing in their veins…
Murray -two-axe Bacon.