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Risk assessment in familycaught!!!!!!!!!!

Risk assessment is challenging, but is fast being put onto a reasonably scientific basis, in the real world, based on learning from past examples.

This is NOT rocket science, just common sense!!!!

Put the other way – there are none so blind, as will not see!

Assessing the risk, of a parent absconding with children, or retaining them in an overseas country has several well known risk factors:

1. psychiatric problems – in particular personality disorder (ie: poor parent skills)
2. mother 85% father 15% of such abductors
3. low commitment to the country the children are taken from
4. better family support in another country

Other factors that also should be considered:

The amount of value in such a visit, whether the risk is justified at all?

When caughts operate under cover of secrecy, then it is difficult for the public to be sure that they are operating on accepted best practices. This retardation may be due to:

1. slow to keep up with best practices ie slow learners
2. lack of knowledge about the needs of children
3. general lack of competence ie erratic decision making
4. driven more by sympathy than evidence
5. outright corruption

Our Australian friends, who work harder to stay up to date, are sometimes still riddled with similar problems to NZ familycaughts. Here is an example that we should be learning from.

How can we HELP the NZ familycaught to learn about competent risk assessment?

Notice how the father [in the story below], on finding little help from Swedish police, went to Sweden and appealed directly to the public for help. He got results!!!!!

There are quite a few books in NZ libraries, covering risk assessment, around child abuse and child abduction. They were published through the last 30 years.

How can NZ familycaught “judges” be soooo far behind?

Their actions communicate their values, so don’t listen so much to what they say, it is just marketing-speak.

It is extremely important that NZ parents, fathers and mothers, who have seen NZ familycaught “judges” make these kinds of malpractices, speak out in public. This is essential, to drag the familycaught into the modern world and FORCE them to learn the basic skills to perform their job competently. The “judges” who fail to develop competence, must be removed quickly.

Our children are at stake.

Remember that the legal-workers have a personal financial interest, they make much more money from abductions going ahead…..

Woman in custody dispute arrested in Sweden

Article from: The Australian
SWEDISH police say they have arrested a woman accused of kidnapping her two children in a custody dispute with their Australian father.

The boys, aged 9 and 11, were handed over to their father after the woman was arrested in central Sweden, police spokesman Svante Melin said last night. He said the woman, who is Swedish, had allegedly failed to return the children, who had been living with their father in Australia, after they came to visit her in October.

The case received attention in Swedish and Australian media as the father travelled to Sweden to search for the boys and pleaded for the public’s help in locating them. The father had custody of the children but the mother was granted access twice a year.

The father said in an interview in February he was furious with the Family Court for giving the boys’ mother permission to take the children to Sweden. He also said Australian authorities had done little to help find his sons. The father said he had presented evidence to the Family Court indicating that should the boys’ mother be given access to them in Sweden, she would not return them to Australia.

After his sons were not returned to him, the father asked Australian authorities to ask Swedish authorities to inform schools, hospitals and social welfare to be alert for any sign of the boys. The boys’ mother reportedly filed documents in a Swedish court in January in preparation for a defence of the case.

What can we do?
It is extremely important that NZ parents, fathers and mothers, who have seen NZ familycaught “judges” make these kinds of malpractices, speak out in public. MurrayBacon